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Jun 03

[ARCHIVED] The Manual of Patriotic Instruction

The original item was published from June 3, 2016 11:01 AM to June 3, 2016 11:01 AM

As we move past Memorial Day... the decorated graves, the displays of flags and special services honoring military men and women... and look forward to the fireworks, concerts, historical reenactments/readings of Independence Day... let's pull a cool little book off the virtual shelves of the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Library and see how Kansans observed these days as well as other important celebrations and observances over 80 years ago.

The Manual of Patriotic Instruction was published by the Kansas Department of Education in several editions.  Our copy of this book in the KGI Online Library is the 1935 edition.  In the book's Foreword the author states:

"This Manual of Patriotic Instruction and Special-Days Program Helps is presented for consideration and use in the schools of Kansas. It is primarily a teachers' manual, rather than a compilation of selections for pupils' use; yet, it contains much excellent material which should be made available to the children."

The Manual hass information on the proper uses of the flag, the words to national songs, general information on teaching patriotism as well as graphics, poetry, quotations and information on each day or observance.

The book contains chapters on these special days:

Labor Day -- Constitution Day -- Frances E. Willard Day -- Columbus Day -- Armistice Day -- Americanism Program -- American Education Week -- Thanksgiving Day -- Christmas Day -- New Year's Day -- Kansas Day -- Lincoln's Birthday -- Washington's Birthday -- Arbor Day -- Easter -- Mother's Day -- Memorial Day -- Flag Day -- Independence Day -- International Peace.

The book's content and approach give us a great look at our recent history and how Americans observed these days. The text and days included reflect the social norms of the day with stirring poetry and tender reflections.

So... stop by the KGI Online Library and peruse this book as well as many others:



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