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Jun 17

Kansas Educational Statistics Reports, 1940-1988

Posted on June 17, 2016 at 12:39 PM by Bill Sowers

The KGI Online Library recently added the Kansas Educational Annual Statistical Report to its collection providing information on Kansas schools from 1940 to 1988.  This document spans five decades and was issued by the various state agencies overseeing the education of Kansas children... notably The Kansas Department of Public Instruction and the Kansas State Department of Education.

The early statistical reports provide general statewide information on the numbers of students and teachers plus some financial information.  Starting in the 1960s statistics included school district stats, more detailed financial statistics, the number of students within school districts and schools, cost per pupil, personnel numbers and salaries, etc.  By the 1970s the Annual Statistical Report was over 200 pages long and included detailed, student, personnel and financial information for Kansas schools.

These reports are a great resource for folks looking into historical research on Kansas schools and are now available online for easy public use.

For those wanting more recent school statistics we invite you to check out the Kansas State Department of Education's Data and Reports page on its website as well as the following publications in the KGI Online Library:
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we feature here a different agency or division of a large agency and its publications within the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library:

Administration, Kansas Department of

The Kansas Legislature created the Department of Administration in 1953. The Department of Administration is a service agency. Our customers are Kansas taxpayers and our fellow state employees and agencies. It is our mission to provide excellent customer service, every time. The Secretary of Administration is charged with the responsibility of managing the agency and these offices: Office of the Secretary, Office of Chief Council, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of Facilities and Procurement Management, Office of Financial Management, Office of Personnel Services, Office of Systems Management.