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Aug 10

Britannica: Academic & Spanish Versions Updated

Posted on August 10, 2016 at 3:14 PM by Lianne Flax

Over the last two years, Britannica has been overhauling their sites to be more flexible with mobile devices and be easier to browse. They have finished updating the last two products on statewide subscription. As the updated sites now function the same as Britannica School (updated 2 years ago) & Public (updated last summer) editions, we will not be doing a webinar on the changes to these versions.

Britannica Academic – to view the updated version, visit the main Online Resources page.

Spanish Reference Center has become two editions post-update:
  • Escolar –elementary to middle school age. Added to the Research for Kids page as a simple link below the tile for Britannica School. If you were linking to Spanish Ref Center with a statewide link, it now directs to this version.
  • Moderna – high school & adult patrons. Spanish Reference Center’s link on the main database page is now this edition, and we have started an En Español section on the Student page. Spanish materials were not previously on the Student page.

What does my library need to do?
If you are linking to either of these versions from your library website, check your links to be sure they are still working and accessing the product you intend.  If they do not, please email for assistance.