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Sep 01

OneClick: Newest iOS App Error

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 12:28 PM by Lianne Flax

Update 9/1/16 - OneClick has released the app update to address this problem.  If you experienced the error, please run the update through your App Store.

iPads & iPhones running the newest versions of iOS (mostly 9.3.4 or .5) are having problems playing some, but not all, audiobooks through the OneClickdigital app. Devices still on an older version of iOS are not having this error.

OneClickdigital has found that the error is only occurring on one format of audiobook (Protected). They are working on an update to resolve the error.

If you would like to only check out Non-Protected books until the update arrives, here's one way to search for a book in this format:
  1. Go to Search in your app, and select the "Advanced Search" option (under Browse/3 lines icon)
  2. Find "Digital Rights" and switch this to "Non-Protected."  You may also set other fields at this time - we recommend setting "Availability" to "Available" and maybe selecting a Genre (mystery, romance, etc).
Have a book that isn't working, and you need to start listening now?  The listen online option will work in your Safari browser, but please realize that this option cannot save your place in the book. Always note where you left off to resume later.
  1. Go to in your Safari browser.  Sign in with your username & password.
  2. Tap on the Browse/3 lines icon.  Select "My Titles."
  3. Your checkouts should show at the top.  Tap the TITLE of the book you wish to play (not the cover art).
  4. Tap the "chapters" tab for the book, then the first track of the book. 
Want to be notified when the iOS update to fix this is released?  Email to be added to the list.