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Sep 01

Total Boox: Retold Classics with Audio

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 3:31 PM by Lianne Flax

Total Boox is currently available for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. For instructions on installing the apps, see this page. You will need a Kansas Library eCard to use the app.


Total Boox (previously only regular ebooks) began offering ebooks with added audio this summer. These Oxford University Press books are intended for “Learners of English,” but would be helpful for any literacy student. The audiobook portion is well-read and may even include some music or sound effects.

Retold classics are the bulk of these books for now. These are abridged editions to provide an easier reading experience for learners. Click the images above for a special shelf of these classics. You may checkout the entire shelf at once if you wish.

How does the audio work?
  • On the first page of the first section, you’ll see a play bar. Tap the play button to start the audio.
  • Pages do not turn automatically; to keep up with the audio you must turn the page.
  • Play buttons appear at the start of every chapter. At this time the play bar does not follow you into the chapter, so if you need to pause the audio you will need to return to the first page of the section (or skip ahead to the next).
Want more books with added audio? Currently, the best way to view all of these is to visit the English Language Learning section. Each has a “With Audio” banner on the cover art, and since they are new they are found mostly in the first 4 pages of the section. Total Boox plans to make these special materials easier to browse or search for in the future.