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Sep 01

Total Boox: Retold Classics with Audio

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 4:32 PM by Lianne Flax

Total Boox has been slowly adding ebooks from Oxford University Press that have an embedded audiobook, and there are now enough titles to show off.  Created by Oxford University Press, these are intended for English language learners, would be good for any literacy student (given that a title is age appropriate).  I don’t have to tell you that listening while reading works best for some learners.

So far, a good portion of these are abridged classics. We made a special shelf to highlight these new materials and described them on our patron blog ( see post here) but here’s supplementary notes for you:

  • Book Activities: a section of reading comprehension questions are at the end of the book.  You could use these to create your own worksheet, or simply have the student complete the questions for a particular section in their notebook.   
  • Levels: each book’s cover shows a level number on the cover (and in the book record’s summary).  You may wish to look at one book in each level and check the reading comprehension questions if working with students that have a variety of reading levels. 
  • Total Boox promo page–welcome fliers, suggested newsletter blurb, and short videos on creating & sharing your own shelves.

Remember, Total Boox is only available for mobile devices BUT there are unlimited copies of each title and the checkouts never expire.  For instructions on setting up the apps, see