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Sep 23

Recent Webinar Notes (Sept 2016)

Posted on September 23, 2016 at 12:22 PM by Lianne Flax

In case you missed it, the State Library had 3 webinars this month. We always record these sessions so you may view them later.

Britannica for Schools (9/8/16) - click here for archive.
Jennifer Keating from Britannica Professional Development discussed Encyclopedia Britannica Schools and Britannica E-STAX, specifically for school librarians.  Please feel free to share this with teachers. Materials and special notes from the session: 
  • Create a Teacher My Britannica Account (to create shareable reading lists or lesson plans).
  • Britannica Learning site - limit to product "Britannica School" for the graphical organizers shown in session.
  • Sign up for direct E-STAX access for your school (so you can use MARC, link directly to a book in class, etc).
  • All books on our E-STAX account are multi-use (unlimited copies). Jennifer had to sign in to a demo account during the session, so please note not all books she used as examples are ones we have.
Digital Book eLending Refresher (9/15) - click here for archive.
We overviewed the compatibility of devices and each digital book platform. Notes and news from the session:
  • 3M Cloud Library becoming "Cloud Library" reminder.
  • Total Boox - some books with added audio available (post earlier this month). We're pleased with the quality and look forward to the time they have more materials of this nature (and one day regular audiobooks).
  • OneClickdigital - Google has notified the company that their app is now available for the few ChromeBooks that can access the Play Store (OS update 37, more at the top of our ChromeBooks page). If you have one of these devices, and can try it out, we would appreciate it. We do not have a ChromeBook at the State Library.
  • Reminder - the Librarians->Statewide Services area on our site contains training documents (like Librarian FAQs) and promotional materials (KSLC patron pamphlet).

Statewide Databases Refresher (9/22) - click here for archive.
We covered access, journal finder, and overviewed the databases. This time we paid a little extra attention to EBSCO/Explora searching, Mango (only one with a mobile app), and a couple of tips for HeritageQuest (a patron favorite).  Little news bits:
  • Learning Express has refreshed and expanded materials in various areas in the last month (Praxis, Military Exams, ACT, GED, Nursing). Computer Skills video tutorials are in the process of being reloaded (old versions were in Flash, which is not compatible with mobile devices).
  • Mango’s most recently refreshed language tutorial is German.
  • Linking reminder –these databases updated over the summer, and their links slightly changed. If your library links to these directly, please double-check the links if you have not already done so! If you link to the State Library pages instead of direct to the databases, no action is needed.
    o Britannica – Academic & Spanish versions.
    o Job & Career Accelerator – this is part of Learning Express. Only the link to this exact section changed.

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