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Oct 12

Cloud Library: Windows & Mac Update

Posted on October 12, 2016 at 10:23 AM by Lianne Flax

The Cloud Library software for Windows & Mac has now been updated.

How do I get the update?
1. Open your 3M Cloud Library software on your computer. Let it sit open for a minute or two, and a box will pop open that looks like this.
2. Close your software, and open it again.  You will see a large red "updating" box.  Once this disappears your new version of Cloud Library will be open (it will have saved your login).

What has changed?

 1. Software is now called "Cloud Library" and the icon on your computer looks like this:

2. Facelift for software!  Most functions are the same, there are some updates.
Video of updates
Main changes are:
  • Browse has been reconfigured so there are tabs for Fiction, Nonfiction, Kids, Teens.  You can favorite a particular category or subcategory now so you do not have to drill down each time.
  • Search is bar in the top panel instead of a tab.
  • Filter can be set for "available books" for the whole app now, not just Browse.

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