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Oct 31

Cold Weather Rule Takes Effect November 1

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 3:12 PM by Brian Herder

Intended to help delinquent Kansas utility customers avoid winter disconnection, the Cold Weather Rule begins November 1 and remains in effect through March 31.

"The Kansas Corporation Commission encourages Kansans who are past-due on their utility bills and at risk for disconnection to prepare for the colder weather by contacting their utility company to make the necessary payment arrangements,” said Commission Chairman Jay Scott Emler. 

The Cold Weather Rule, first enacted by the Commission in 1983, prevents or limits utility companies from disconnecting a customer's natural gas or electric service during periods of extreme cold. Utility companies are prohibited from disconnecting a customer's service when temperatures are forecast to be at or below 35 degrees over the next 24 hours. In addition, the rule requires utility companies to offer a 12-month payment plan to allow consumers to maintain or re-establish utility service.

More information about the Cold Weather Rule may be found at

Additional information about the Cold Weather Rule can be found in the Kansas Government Information Online Library: Here you will find early press releases from the Kansas Corporation Commission as well as legislative testimony on proposed bills that would impact the rule.