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Nov 09

OneClick: Media Manager can play/transfer books again.

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 12:03 PM by Lianne Flax

OneClickdigital has the Media Manager computer software mostly fixed - you can listen to and transfer your books again. 

If the Media Manager software still says invalid login, please do this and try again:

1. Close the OneClickdigital Media Manager (if it is still open).
2. Go to your computer's Documents folder.
3. Find the Media folder (not My Media). Delete this entire folder.  It is the Media Manager's cache/temp files.

Forgot your password? Use the password reset form OR ask us to reset your password manually. The form sends you an email showing your username, and a link to choose a new password.  

What’s still broken in the Media Manager? A couple of small things:

1. The “browse website” black box/link.  If you click this, it will say website unavailable.  To checkout new books you will need to go directly to the OneClick website and login there separately for now:

2. Login screen - when I tested logging in to the Media Manager a second time, the login box had NOT saved the country, even though I had selected to have it save my login.  You may need to enter the country until they’ve fixed the final glitches. 

If you need assistance:

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