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Statewide Services covers Online Resources (databases), Digital Book eLending (ebooks, audiobooks, video storybooks) and the Kansas Library eCard. 

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Dec 09

Highlight: Digital Book eLending

Posted on December 9, 2016 at 10:33 AM by Lianne Flax

Devices are a popular holiday gift, so we’d like to remind you that all Kansans have access to ebooks, audiobooks, and digital storybooks. Just get a Kansas Library eCard (KSLC) from your local public, school, or university library.

See the Digital Book eLending main page here.

How do I use one of the systems?
Device savvy individuals could check out the First Time Users page. Find here the most basic notes for setup on each system on the most common devices.

Need more in-depth instructions, or did not see your device as a common one on the basic notes? Check out the Instructions & Devices page. Select a device type to see which services work for your device. Each area contains instructions.

There’s more than one ebook system. Can I use all of them? 
Use them all if you’d like, though most people select one or two. Which you might use depend on your reading preferences (though always check if your device is compatible before getting invested). See the bottom of our First Time User page where we’ve done a short run-down.