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Jan 23

Older Publications on Prisons in Kansas

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 12:47 PM by Bill Sowers

We added an interesting document to KGI this morning.  It was a federal review of the three main prisons in Kansas, published in 1938.  The report, authored by a federal agency, the Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, appears on the surface, to be a reveiw of convict labor and prison industries in Kansas.  It covers this but also delves into the treatment of prisoners, prison governance, prison employee conditions, services to prisoners and the treatment of women and mentally disabled prisoners.  The report centers around the Kansas State Prison in Lansing, the Kansas State Reformatory in Hutchinson and the Kansas Industrial Farm for Women in Lansing. Information is also included on a Central Receiving Center.

The report can be found in the KGI Online Library at:  

The Prison Labor Problem in Kansas : a survey [1938]
(A word of warning.  This is a large file and takes a while to load)

For those interested in more Kansas government publications relating to the history of criminal justice administration in our state here are a few other titles found on the virtal shelves of the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library:

Message from the governor to the Senate : communicating the facts as shown by the records with reference to the persons pardoned or paroled from the State Penitentiary, or whose sentences have been commuted, during the past two years [1925]

Biennial report of the directors and warden of the Kansas State Penitentiary, to the Governor of Kansas 1861-1952 [Incomplete]

Report of the committee appointed by Governor Stubbs to examine the conditions and management of the Kansas State Penitentiary [1911?]

Biennial report of the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory, 1885-1954

Report of inspection : Kansas State Penitentiary coal mine, Lansing, Leavenworth County, Kansas [1938]

Report on State penitentiary. Preliminary information  [1935]

Biennial report of the State Board of Corrections [1914-1916]

Biennial report of the Kansas State Industrial Farm for Women, Lansing, Kansas, 1916/18 - 1948/50

Library resources survey : Kansas institutions, 1967 (includes correctional institutions)

Also take time to see the resources provided on prisons at the Kansas Historical Society's "Kansas Memory" website:



We feature here a different agency or division of a large agency and its publications within the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library:

Created by the 1987 Kansas Legislature, the Kansas Development Finance Authority works with qualifying public and private entities to identify financial resources and appropriate financial structures. The Authority promotes economic development for Kansas by facilitating long-term financing for capital projects and programs via the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds or other securities. KDFA is the only multi-purpose, State-level finance authority serving Kansas.