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Oct 30

RBdigital: mobile app hold updates & more

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 11:25 AM by Lianne Flax

RBdigital's mobile apps have had a few small updates over the last month, which addressed some patron suggestions: 

1. Holds: where you are in line for a book now shows in the app. Go to Holds in the main menu, tap on the book to see your number in line.

2. Expiration dates: expiration date of the book now shows on the cover of the book in Checked Out, instead of having to tap on it.

3. Data use when not on wifi: the app defaults to only download books over wifi, but some users found that  the app's automatic refresh was using a small amount of data too. The most recent update has resolved this, app should not continually refresh & use data. If you are on data instead of wifi, there will only be a small use when you first open the app for the day (it is reconnecting).