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Dec 20

Notable Legislator, Daniel R. Anthony

Posted on December 20, 2017 at 11:25 AM by Sarah Tenfelde-Dubois

Susan B. Anthony is a name that most people have heard of, but did you know her brother, Daniel Read Anthony, was a legislator in Kansas?

Daniel Read Anthony came to Kansas from Massachusetts with a purpose to fight slavery. Anthony made his home in Leavenworth, and established the town’s newspaper. Although most documents do not mention his time as a legislator, Anthony is shown to have served during one session as a representative in the House in 1874. His son, Daniel Read Anthony, Jr., is also mentioned in some of the information listed below, as well as his grandson, Daniel Read Anthony III.

To read further information and biographies on Daniel R. Anthony, please view the links below.

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United States Biographical Dictionary, pgs. 56-63 (biography)

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Kansas Memory (various documents, including one mentioning his son)

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Volume 24, Spring 1958, Number 1 (letters)

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Volume 24, Summer 1958, Number 2 (letters)

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Volume 24, Autumn 1958, Number 3 (no links provided, but PDF here) (letters)

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Volume 24, Winter 1958, Number 4 (letters)

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