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Jun 27

Worth a second look: Database Overview

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 9:43 AM by Andy Schafer

From time to time, we like to draw attention to our growing list of archived webinar recordings. Maybe you missed one you had your heart set on joining, thought "I'll just catch the recording later!" - and then it got away from you.

In this installment, we’ll look at an overview of the library’s database offerings and librarian support materials conducted by our former Online Services and Programming Librarian, Lianne Flax. The webinar includes reminders of how patrons can access the state’s databases and how libraries can link to them from their own websites. It also features instructions on how to use the Journal Finder tool and the Kansas Periodical Index. The general layout and arrangement of the library’s age-specific and topic-specific database webpages are also noted. Most importantly, the training covers the general topics and resources found in each database offered by the State Library of Kansas.

This training is a great place to start for librarians looking to utilize the statewide services offered by the State Library of Kansas. Whether you’re a public librarian looking to expand upon your own library’s resources or a school librarian seeking a succinct summary of the state’s services and how to access them, this training is worth a second look.

All you need is this link.

You can find all of our recorded training events on the Librarian Events & Archives page.