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Dec 28

"Top Ten" KGI Blogs for 2018

Posted on December 28, 2018 at 11:10 AM by Bill Sowers

We issued 40 blog articles this year on items and collections within the State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library.  I'm listing the ten more popular articles below.

Our best to you for a great 2019!

Topeka State Hospital Special Collection at KGI Online Library
(View state government publications on Topeka State Hospital through the years it was open)

1917 Cursive Writing Handbook
(Take a look at what school children learned before keyboarding and texting)

Butter and Cheese Making in the 1890s
(A glimpse into how butter and cheese were made over 100 years ago)

Old Kansas State Employee Phone Directories, 1976-2002
(Find relatives who worked for the state of Kansas years ago)

Women and Rural Life in Kansas 100 Years Ago
(Mrs. W. R. Miller of Topeka writes an interesting article on rural life in Kansas in 1917/1918.)

1899 Book on Peaches in Kansas
(A booklet on the wonders of peaches and peach growing in Kansas)

1911/1912 Article on Poultry With Great Graphics
(Contains beautiful graphics of chickens and a very cool drawing of a goose)

1951 Floods in Kansas
(A report from the Kansas State Board of Agriculture on the effects of the 1951 floods. Includes photographs)

Battling the Grasshopper in the 1870s
(An 1877 publication issued by the Kansas State Board of Agriculture on combatting the swarms of grasshoppers plaguing Kansas)

Marketing Kansas Wheat in 1959
(A pictorial look at the step-by-step journey of wheat from field to flour to food)