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Jan 23

Freading - Android & Kindle Fire Problem Ongoing

Posted on January 23, 2015 at 8:45 AM by Lianne Flax

Freading ebooks are not downloading properly on many Android tablets or Kindle Fires. 

The site will check out the book and charge your account tokens, but the Freading app will fail to import the book.  On some devices, nothing appears to happen at all after checkout. Other devices may see an error message of "no tokens available for download" 
or "error in download stream."

Freading Support is working on this problem, and we'll post again when they have a solution.  

The 3M Cloud Library ebooks app working normally on both devices.  You may wish to read books on it in the meantime.  Install & setup the app for Android devices or Kindle Fires.

Additionally, the Enki Library ebooks can download into your Freading app. You can just use the checkout instructions and download the book into your Freading app or you may choose to install the app shown under 'getting started.'  Android devices or Kindle Fires


*small update made on 1/23/15 to add in Enki notes.  Error itself remains the same.