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Feb 14

[ARCHIVED] Kansas Governors' Collections in the KGI Online Library

The original item was published from February 14, 2019 3:30 PM to February 14, 2019 4:52 PM

Thanks to Vicky Wolf here at the State Library we are developing special collections within the KGI Online Library that contain publications issued directly or indirectly by or about Kansas governors.

The KGI Online Library is set up with separate collections issued by individual state agencies/institutions. This generally works well with some exceptions, many of which include publications issued by Kansas Governors.  Reports issued by a Governor can be found in the Division of Budget, the Department of Administration and reports issued by committees, task forces and commissions established by a governor.  The issuing agency might not be the Governor's Office per se, but the Governor was responsible for the report in some important way. There are also reports about the activities of governors that can be helpful in understanding the administration of the state's executive officer.

We now have collections for each of the governors within KGI with three exceptions I'm aware of... Nehemiah Green, Frank L. Hagaman, and John McCuish... all of whom served short terms filling in the time left to their predecessors' terms of office.

Interested in seeing any of these collections?  I'm so glad you asked!  Here they are.  We're still looking through KGI to add to them. We'll set up links to the collections on the website soon too:

1. Robinson, Charles
2. Carney, Thomas
3. Crawford, Samuel Johnson
4. Green, Nehemiah (No collection)
5. Harvey, James Madison
6. Osborn, Thomas Andrew
7. Anthony, George Tobey
8. St. John, John Pierce
9. Glick, George Washington
10. Martin, John Alexander
11. Humphrey, Lyman Underwood
12. Lewelling, Lorenzo Dow
13. Morrill, Edmund Needham
14. Leedy, John Whitnah
15. Stanley, William Eugene
16. Bailey, Willis Joshua
17. Hoch, Edward Wallis
18. Stubbs, Walter Roscoe
19. Hodges, George Hartshorn
20. Capper, Arthur
21. Allen, Henry Justin
22. Davis, Jonathan McMillen
23. Paulen, Ben Sanford
24. Reed, Clyde Martin
25. Woodring, Harry Hines
26. Landon, Alfred Mossman
27. Huxman, Walter Augustus
28. Ratner, Payne
29. Schoeppel, Andrew F.
30. Carlson, Frank
31. Hagaman, Frank L. (No collection)
32. Arn, Edward F.
33. Hall, Fred
34. McCuish, John (No collection)
35. Docking, George 
36. Anderson, John, Jr.
37. Avery, William H. 
38. Docking, Robert B.
39. Bennett, Robert F.
40. Carlin, John William
41. Hayden, Mike
42. Finney, Joan
43. Graves, Bill
44. Sebelius, Kathleen
45. Parkinson, Mark
46. Brownback, Sam
47. Colyer, Jeff
48. Kelly, Laura
Governor Kelly's recent Inaugural Speech and State of the State Address are not up in the KGI Online Library yet but are currently available on the State Library's website:
Inaugural Address, 2019
State of the State, 2019