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Apr 13

Recent State Publications on Wind Energy in Kansas

Posted on April 13, 2019 at 8:59 PM by Bill Sowers

The American Wind Energy Association's 2018 Annual Market report shows Kansas passing Iowa to claim the number one spot in wind energy production in the United States. The report states that 36.4% of our state's total electricity was produced by wind power in 2018.

Recent development of wind energy in Kansas can be found in part by looking through state government publications. You can view some of these publications online at the State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library:

Kansas wind energy handbook [1981]
Kansas Energy Office

Community Wind Toolkit [1 map published in the early 2000s]
Kansas Corporation Commission. Energy Office

An online collection of information About the Wind and Prairie Task Force by the Wind and Prairie Task Force, Kansas State Energy Resources Coordination Council, 2003-2004

Wind and Prairie Task Force News Releases, 2004

Wind and Prairie Task Force final report. [2004]

An online collection of information on Wind Energy Development by the Wind and Prairie Task Force, Kansas State Energy Resources Coordination Council, 2004-2007

Electric Transmission Issues Wind and Prairie Task Force : Access, Capacity, Upgrades (2004)
Kansas. State Corporation Commission.; Kansas Energy Council.; Kansas Energy Council. Wind and Prairie Task Force.

Wind Energy Siting Handbook Guideline Options for Kansas Cities and Counties (2005)
Kansas Energy Council

Kansas Community Wind Tool Kit A Guide for Renewable Energy Development for Sustainable Rural Communities [2006?]
Kansas Corporation Commission. Energy Office.

A Benefit Cost Study of the 2015 Wind Challenge an Assessment of Wind Energy Economics in Kansas for 2006-2034
Kansas Corporation Commission

Encouraging Development of Kansas Wind Energy Resources A White Paper [2006] by Joseph E. King
Kansas Energy Council

Community Wind Incentives a Summary of Select Policies in Iowa, Minnesota, and Kansas (2007) by Scott W. White
Kansas Energy Council

An online collection of charts and maps showing Kansas Energy Data on Various Issues Pertaining to Energy and Energy Consumption by the State Energy Office, Kansas Corporation Commission, 2009-2013
(Includes sections on wind energy)

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Act KCC Rule Development [Richard M. Velenti - 2010]
Kansas Corporation Commission

2011 Kansas Generation Planning Survey
Kansas Corporation Commission

The Costs & Effects of the RES [Renewable Energy Standard] (2012)
Kansas Corporation Commission

Wind Resources of Kansas (2012)
Kansas Corporation Commission