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May 16

[ARCHIVED] Graphic Design: A Practical Guide for Librarians (2019)

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design: A Practical Guide for Librarians (2019)

Valerie Colston

Rowman & Littlfield


Librarians have always been responsible for creating graphic designs but in the digital age the need for visual communication skills has multiplied significantly. The quantity of graphic design tasks has increased, so has the demand and expectation of the quality of the products that are produced. Graphic Design: A Practical Guide for Librarians gives librarians the help they need. Written by an artist and graphic design instructor the book has the tools and information librarians want and need to know to make their job easier and to give them confidence in creating professional looking designs. 

Valerie Colston makes graphic design easy to understand and fun to learn. The book outlines what you need to know as a librarian designer in a simple way, and provides an abundant about of resources and examples of good design models. This book addresses the lack of training that many librarians feel and strives to empower them with confidence and practical skills. 

Librarians will learn the language of design, discover resources and where to find them, explore line, color, shape, texture, and space, discover the role and importance of fonts, learn where to locate images, and get tips for creating an artist’s portfolio.