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Mar 02

OneClick - Website New Version

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 10:48 AM by Lianne Flax

OneClickdigital's website updated in the early hours of 2/11/15.  We updated this post on 3/2 to show any new information.

Click here for a short video pointing out some changes to the website.  Commonly noted issues are posted below, and are changing these as they need to be updated.

What do I need to do: 
If you use OneClickdigital Media Manager on your Windows computer, please update your software when prompted to do so. 

Common Problems: please email us at or call 800-432-3919 for personal help. We can also reset your account if you have forgotten your login information.
  • Kindle Fire app problem - RESOLVED - the app has been returned to the Amazon App Store.  You may have to uninstall the app in order to install the new copy. 
  • Registration problem - RESOLVED.
  • Firefox - website will not open or let me login.  This is happening on the Firefox browser only.  We also have a notification list for this.  In the meantime, please visit the OneClick site in a different browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari).
  • Android app - if you get a connection error or the app will not login, uninstall the app and install a fresh copy. 
  • Windows Media Manager
    • can't login - you might need to delete your old login file.  Go into your Documents folder.  Open the Media folder (not My Media).  Delete the file that starts with your username.  
    • can login, but when you try to play or download a book the error is "no disc space or device not detected.  See this help note.
    • you don't think you got the update, or the two things above are not the problem - completely remove the OneClick software as shown in this help note. You must delete any leftover files.
  • Listen Online Option - gone for now.  This didn't work out on the new site, but they are fixing it.  Just ask us to be on the notification list.