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Jun 07

Online Resources on Tornadoes

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 11:37 AM by Bill Sowers

Recent news has focused on powerful storms that have swept across the country in waves of destruction bringing lightning, wind and flood damage in their wake. One of the most powerful outcomes of these storms has been the tornado. Though narrower in coverage than a hurricane or a line of strong straight winds a tornado can carve an intense path of mayhem for many miles and get as wide as a mile across before it lifts back up into the sky.

The State Library of Kansas Catalog has about 90 records with links to online information about tornadoes. These include federal and state government publications as well as some historical reports of destruction. Within this collection are also some publications on tornado safety and tornado safe structures.

I've put two links here to material in our Catalog. The first includes all the records we have with links to material on tornadoes. The second limits the records to those with a Kansas connection... either about Kansas or issued by a Kansas agency or organization. Some of the linked publications lare part of our KGI Online Library. 

Online material on tornadoes with a Kansas connection available via the State Library of Kansas Catalog 

General Online material on tornadoes available via the State Library of Kansas Catalog 

ALSO!!!  Here are links to two collections at the Kansas Historical Society's "Kansas Memory" website on tornadoes: