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Jul 01

[ARCHIVED] Civics and Patriotic Instruction, 1909-1954

The original item was published from July 1, 2019 10:05 AM to July 1, 2019 10:10 AM

Do you hear those distant BOOMS and flashes of light in the evening sky? Is that piccolo solo from "The Stars and Stripes Forever" running through your brain of late? Yep! It's almost here! And whether you sit by the shore of a lake with thousands of others; relax on the tailgate of a truck out in a field just outside of town; set off your own light show in your back yard with family and friends; or sip ice tea in the mosquito-free comfort of your home watching on TV... the 4th of July is on its way and Americans will be celebrating the birth of our nation as we have for over 200 years with music, fireworks, parades and pagents.

With this in mind, in this issue of the KGI Online Library Blog we're pulling various publications off our digital shelves which have been published through the years to promote the teaching of civics and patriotism.

Happy Independence Day from the State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library!

Kansas manual of patriotic instruction : special days, 1909

Course of study in ethics for the public schools of Kansas, 1909

Patriotic literature compiled for the use of public schools and all patriotic entertainments, 1917

Manual of patriotic instruction, Kansas, 1925

Manual of patriotic instruction and program helps for special days, 1935

A brief guide in the study of Americanism based upon "The American way of life" : supplemental to a course in U.S. Constitution, 1941

Manual of patriotic instruction and program helps for special days, 1944

Patriotic manual and guide for classroom observance of special days, 1954