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Aug 27

Resource Spotlight: Niche Academy

Posted on August 27, 2019 at 12:00 AM by Andy Schafer

In addition to providing statewide databases, eBooks, and audiobooks, we also give you the tools to teach your patrons to use these resources! Niche Academy is a collection of tutorials that’s available from any page on the state library’s website via the blue Tutorials tab on right-hand side of the page. Niche Academy includes video and text introductions and instructions for using many of our database products and eBook and audiobook platforms. You can use these tutorials to brush up on these resources yourself or point patrons toward them when they need a little help delving into a resource that they haven’t used before. We regularly add new tutorials and would welcome feedback and requests for additional tutorials. We can also provide you with direct links to individual tutorials to put on your library’s website. Just ask!

In addition to those patron-focused tutorials, we also have an entire academy dedicated to librarians. You can find it by clicking on the LIBRARIANS tab on our website, going to the Professional Resources section of that page and clicking Niche Academy Tutorials. These tutorials are much more geared toward issues facing librarians. As with the patron-facing academy, we welcome your feedback regarding what kind of content you’d like to see more of. Just like with the patron-facing tutorials, We can give you direct links to embed these tutorials in your own library’s website as well.

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