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Aug 29

Read-a-Romance Month: Authors to Know

Posted on August 29, 2019 at 9:12 AM by Michael Lang

Read-a-Romance Month

By Maggie Witte

If you’re looking for your next read, why not try a romance? There are all different types, from books with a light touch of romance to stories packed full.
Explore romance sub-genres with these author/book recommendations. There’s a romance for anyone. 

Romance/Science Fiction

Gini Koch – Her Katherine “Kitty” Katt series is about handsome, beautiful, and extremely intelligent humanoid aliens living among us, protecting the world from takeover by evil geniuses and megalomaniacs. Her books have extremely steamy romance but the relationships are integral to the plot and action of the series, as she does a fantastic job of intertwining both.

Recommended: Touched by an Alien DB 74512

Urban Fantasy

Patricia Briggs – My favorite series is Mercy Thompson, coyote shapeshifter, who kicks butt and takes names of anyone—be they vampire, demon, werewolf, Fae, or other magical being—threating her family, friends, and the Washington tri-city area she calls home. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side of romance, but with a deep relationship and an intriguing plot, this is the series for you.

Recommended: Moon Called DB 81122

Contemporary Romance

Marina Adair – The St. Helena Vineyard series is my favorite of hers. The town of St. Helena in the heart of wine country in northern California handles the relationships of the major wine producers in the area and the two main families in particular: Baudouin and DeLuca. Each romance has its ups and downs just as all relationships do, and the characters are relatable and life-like.

Recommended: Kissing under the Mistletoe DB 76750

Christian Romance

Dee Henderson – The O’Malleys are a great family of loving, protecting individuals who are each finding their own loves through rough times, heartaches, and suspenseful events. Her books are well written, with intriguing plot lines, well-developed characters each with their own flaws, and some aspects of action and suspense.

Recommended: The O’Malley Series, Books 1-3: The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth Seeker DB 78062

Historical Romance

Tessa Dare – The characters in her Castles Ever After series, while being set in early 1800s England, all have a very real presence and are personable with their flaws. Four couples have deal with the expectations of society and the consequences of falling in love their unconventional true loves. These are perfect reads for those looking for leisurely paced plots and developing love stories.

Recommended: Romancing the Duke DB 78316

Romantic Suspense

Kristen Ashley – All of her books have plots with suspenseful twists, alpha men protecting their own, the women who handle them, and the danger that brings the couples together. These are red hot romances, with steamy scenes and romantic relationships that are deep and meaningful. Definitely not recommended for those looking for light romance.

Recommended: Dream Man Series, Books 1-4 DB 83856; Breathe DB 90923