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Apr 02

3M - Nook Color & Tablet app

Posted on April 2, 2015 at 1:55 PM by Lianne Flax

The regular 3M Android app works for Nook HD & HD , but the app was no longer stable for Nook Colors and the original Nook Tablet. 3M did some small updates to an older version of their Android app, and this app is now available in the Barnes & Noble App Store.  We have tested it on a Nook Color and found no issues.

These devices should specifically use the 3M Cloud Library (for Nook Color & Tablet) in the B&N app store.  If you have a previous version of the 3M Cloud Library app on your Color/Tablet, please delete that copy of the app.  Want full instructions for use?  See this instructions page.

If you have a Nook HD or newer, please continue to use the 3M app available to you via the Google Play Store.