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Jul 02

How to review new 2020 Kansas laws

Posted on July 2, 2020 at 11:43 AM by Brian Herder

After every Kansas Legislature session, the Kansas Legislative Research Department publishes an annual Summary of Legislation. This is a very helpful publication that selects major bills to summarize in 'lay language' similar to the Supplemental Notes that come out during the year. The Summary of Legislation usually comes out in July after the session has adjourned and the session's passed laws go into effect. 

In addition to the regular 2020 legislative session, there was also a 2020 Special Session called after the regular session had adjourned. A special session is always unplanned and is the result of an emergency or crisis that needs to be addressed with legislation immediately, rather than waiting for the next regular session the following January. 

In this case, the Legislative Research Department published both the 2020 Regular Session's Summary of Legislation and the 2020 Special Session's Summary of Legislation in the same book. It is available to download as a PDF from the Legislative Research Department's website:

2020 Regular Session and 2020 Special Session Summaries of Legislation

The passed legislative bills usually go into effect on the July 1 following the end of a regular session, and they are temporarily codified as that year's Session Law chapters. The Session Law chapters for each year are reliably published on July 1. You can access the online 2020 Session Laws at the Secretary of State's website

In addition to the usual Summary of Legislation, the Kansas Legislative Research Department also publishes an annual New, Amended, and Repealed Statutes document. This document is a multi-page rubric that helps explain where the just-completed session's passed legislative bills will be codified in the next edition of the Kansas Statutes Annotated. This document usually comes out later in the calendar year, as there is usually a gap between when the Session Laws are published and when the same laws are permanently codified as KSAs.