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Jan 29

Happy Kansas Day!

Posted on January 29, 2021 at 10:25 AM by Bill Sowers

Happy Kansas Day!

1887 Atlas graphic2
(graphic from 1887 Official Atlas of Kansas)

Today is the day we celebrate the 160th anniversary of Kansas joining the Union!

In honor of that day we at KGI are sharing a wonderful collection of maps, graphics and short bios found in the 1887 book, "The Official State Atlas of Kansas."

We've divided the book's contents into county sections. You'll find an alphabetical county list within the KGI Online Library. Most county sections will have maps of towns within the county. Many also have great looking graphics of buildings, farms, commercial establishments, etc.

So sit back and peruse the pages of your favorite Kansas county as you hum "Home on the Range" and strain your ears to hear the distant sound of the western meadowlark. A word of warning. Some counties had different names back in 1887 so you might want to look at information on Kansas counties provided by the Kansas Historical Society which includes a drop down list with links to information on defunct and current counties.

Maps and Pictures of Kansas Counties
Extracted From the Official State Atlas of Kansas