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Mar 18

Osawatomie State Hospital

Posted on March 18, 2021 at 3:55 PM by Bill Sowers

Osawatomie State Hospital Infirmary small

This week's KGI Online Library Blog provides links to material in the State Library's KGI collection concerning the Osawatomie State Hospital. The hospital is an institution within the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services): https://www.kdads.ks.govHere's some basic information on the current services of the Hospital copied from the Osawatomie State Hospital website:

"Founded in 1866, Osawatomie State Hospital (OSH) is licensed by the State of Kansas to provide care and treatment for adults diagnosed with psychiatric disorders regardless of ability to pay. OSH serves individuals from 36 counties in Kansas in collaboration with 12 Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs). The centers refer individuals for admission to the hospital through a collaborative screening process. There are currently two hospitals on the Osawatomie campus in Miami county: Osawatomie State Hospital and Adair Acute Care." (Osawatomie State Hospital website)

(Some reports are by different State Boards which oversaw Kansas state institutions. You'll find reports on the Hospital within these reports)

(Some of these records overlap with publications by the Hospital)