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Sep 23

Recent Webinar Notes (Sept 2016)

Posted to Librarian News on September 23, 2016 at 12:22 PM by Lianne Flax

In case you missed it, the State Library had 3 webinars this month: Britannica for Schools, a Digital Book eLending overview, a Statewide Database overview. Click the post title for archive links & notes.

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Aug 18

Highlight: Back to School (Resources for Students)

Posted to Statewide Online Services News on August 18, 2016 at 4:49 PM by Lianne Flax

School started this week around the state, so here's a tiny overview of statewide resources for children & young adults.  Teachers, we have extra notes for you at the bottom.

There are two database pages for students – a Kids page (Elementary) and a Student page (Middle-High School). Databases on these pages are appropriate for age. We would specifically like to call attention to:

Encyclopedia Britannica School – a great place to start for any project. There are standard articles, but also images, videos, primary source documents, interactive maps, educational games, and even web-links that have been checked by Britannica staff. One of my favorite sections in Britannica is the Biography Browse, where you can look through historical figures by time period or what they are known for (poetry, science, etc).

EBSCO Explora (link is for the Middle School version, see database pages for alternates) – new in the last year, Explora versions cross-search a bunch of the single-topic EBSCO databases on statewide access. It also gives you a way to browse topics & current events, which was not available on single-databases. Give Explora a try when starting your research topics.

Digital Books eLending
All of the digital books systems will have some children’s and young adult materials in them. Please realize that with the exception of those only for children, you will need a Kansas Library eCard for logins or registration. We’re specifically calling attention to:

 Britannica E-STAX – this is a nonfiction ebooks system for kids.

All have unlimited copies (no holds lists) and there’s no limit on how many books can be used per sitting. The books work directly in the internet browser too, so these will even work for ChromeBooks.

The majority of titles are for PreK-Grade 5, but a few are for older students. Every main topic (math, science, history) is covered.

OneClickdigital Audiobooks
– We subscribe to a package of youth books with unlimited copies, which helps provide more access for children and teens to audiobooks. Not all books can have an unlimited copies version, but there are over 1600 so far in both fiction and nonfiction. “Half a Chance” is on the William Allen White nominee list for this year.

OneClickdigital registration via the Kansas Library eCard is required for checkout! See our First Time User page for brief notes.


  • Teacher FAQ sheet for State Library's Statewide Services.
  • Britannica E-STAX has a direct linking for schools, please ask your school librarian if your school is signed up. E-STAX books may be used in curriculum in any way you choose, so feel free to use these books on your whiteboard or have kids read them as part of a lesson. 
  • OneClickdigital – spreadsheet of the books in the Childrens-YA-Collection with unlimited copies, if this helps you plan reading lists or suggest audiobooks to students that need them. While the books will expire after 3 weeks, renewal is available or the students can check out the book again. Most of the classics on OneClickdigital will also be unlimited use.


Aug 10

Britannica: Academic & Spanish Versions Updated

Posted to Librarian News on August 10, 2016 at 3:14 PM by Lianne Flax

Over the last two years, Britannica has been overhauling their sites to be more flexible with mobile devices and be easier to browse. They have finished updating the last two products on statewide subscription. As the updated sites now function the same as Britannica School (updated 2 years ago) & Public (updated last summer) editions, we will not be doing a webinar on the changes to these versions.

Britannica Academic – to view the updated version, visit the main Online Resources page.

Spanish Reference Center has become two editions post-update:
  • Escolar –elementary to middle school age. Added to the Research for Kids page as a simple link below the tile for Britannica School. If you were linking to Spanish Ref Center with a statewide link, it now directs to this version.
  • Moderna – high school & adult patrons. Spanish Reference Center’s link on the main database page is now this edition, and we have started an En Español section on the Student page. Spanish materials were not previously on the Student page.

What does my library need to do?
If you are linking to either of these versions from your library website, check your links to be sure they are still working and accessing the product you intend.  If they do not, please email for assistance.