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Jun 27

OneClick becomes RBdigital: updates to app & site

Posted to Statewide Online Services News on June 27, 2017 at 10:45 AM by Holly Hutchinson

In an update last night, OneClickdigital was renamed to RBdigital. Find below:
   -help notes for update problems.
   -computer users: what changed?
   -mobile app: what changed?

Need help?
We will be updating our instructions for RBdigital and making the name switch on our site as soon as possible.


Help Notes: Update Is Not Working?
1. Mobile app updated, but not showing your current checkouts or won't play them? The update didn't install correctly on your device. Please do the normal troubleshooting for your device:

2. Computer: Media Manager for Windows or Mac - if the update fails, reinstall the software:

3. Lost login - go to our new RBdigital site, click "sign in" and the "forgot password/username" link. Input your email address, and the system will send you an email that will allow you to reset your password. If you have had several failed logins your account may be locked, please wait 15 minutes before attempting to login after changing your password.

Computer & Listen Online Users: What Changed?

  • Media Manager software, when updated, will show the new RBdigital logo on the desktop icon & in the software, instead of OneClickdigital.
  • Website - has updated. All functions are still there, just moved a bit.  See this video, main changes are:
    • Search / magnifying glass button in upper right corner - this is how you access the simple search AND the advanced search now.
    • Menu / 3-lines button in upper left corner - this is how to view your checkouts, holds, history, wishlist, and your profile (where you previously changed email, etc).

Listen Online users (ChromeBooks) - you may wish to update your bookmarks to the new RBdigital site. The old link will redirect through the summer, but best to do it now.

Mobile Apps: What Changed? 
If you have the update, the background of the app is now black.  The top bar should look like this and appear on every screen on the app, with the menu button at left and the search at right:


Menu / 3-Lines Button

Tapping the menu button will pop open a red menu on the left side of the app. This contains:

- Audiobooks - another way to search/browse the collection, other than the search button.

-Books Lists - access your Checked Our materials to play, renew or return them; and view your Holds, Wishlist, and check out History directly inside the app.

-Your Profiles - this shows your logged in profile  If your local library has Zinio (another RBdigital product), add your local library login here too, so you can toggle back & forth between your statewide audiobooks and your local library Zinio materials without needing another app.

-Settings - this is where the app is set to download over wifi only to save your phone's data. If you previously had allowed your app to download over data, you may need to reset this option.

Search & Advanced Search
Tap the magnifying glass to see these options. The first time you use it, you may need to tap "audiobooks" to be able to see the search options.

Choose to do a simple search (title, author, keyword), browse by genre (subjects) with availability turned on (show only available books), or a combination.

Playing Books: Menu->Checked Out

Books will have a small play button & download button (if not yet downloaded).  If this is too small, tap the cover of the book to see the book's details screen (shown here). The details screen has a larger play button & also is the place you can return or renew a title.

Need help or have a question?

Jun 26

OneClick: App Update & Logo Change 6/27/17

Posted to Statewide Online Services News on June 26, 2017 at 11:52 AM by Lianne Flax

6/27/17 - computer users will now also have a small update, the notes have been changed below to reflect this.
OneClickdigital will have a large app update & logo change on Tuesday, June 27. After that time, the website & app will be called RBdigital instead.

This update is large on their servers, the company is starting the update process on Monday, 7pm Central. It is possible some people may not be able to use their books until the update is complete overnight.

Computer users: for you, all you will see is the logo will changeto RBdigital on the website where you check out books. Any update for you will be later in the year, but one was not needed at this time.
On June 27, you will receive an update for your Media Manager software. This update will not change functionality, just ensure the software can still connect to the RB servers.

Mobile App Users:  (iPad/iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire)
On June 27, you will receive an app update. This is actually a fully new version of the app. You:
  • may postpone installing the update if you are in the middle of a book (update will lose your place in the book). However, please install the update as soon as you've finished that book to avoid version problems later!
  • will need to login again as the new version cannot retrieve your saved login from the old version (reset a forgotten login here).
What will have changed in the app?
It is a fully NEW version of the app. Expect screenshots with more explanation from the State Library the day of the update, when we can take images of our own accounts. 
  • App name change - will be RBdigital instead of OneClickdigital. Icon will be red & white still (like above).
  • General colors changed - the app will have a black background, the menu will be red.
  • Menu key - there will be a menu button on the upper left corner, this is where you'll view holds list, history.
  • Audiobooks search - previously you tapped "search" and that opened the OneClick website inside the app. The app will have its own search/browse screen to pull in books - this will work much better for smaller screens like phones, where opening the website in the app's borders was very tiny.

Why is this update happening?
We only have OneClickdigital audiobooks statewide in Kansas, but Recorded Books (parent company of OneClickdigital) has had other digital services. They have been developing a single mobile app to cover all of their services. It is a good change for us because their tech team will only have one app to fix if there is a problem, and only one app to make improvements for going forward. As you can imagine, that will work out much better for everyone in the long term!


May 19

Freading: maintenance 6/10/17

Posted to Statewide Online Services News on May 19, 2017 at 2:08 PM by Lianne Flax

Update 5/19 @ 2pm: Freading has had to postpone this maintenance from May 20 to June 10.
Freading ebooks will be doing server maintenance the morning of Saturday, 6/10/17. The site will be unavailable from about 2am to 8am Central time.

Any Freading ebooks downloaded before the maintenance begins will not be affected.  You will simply be unable to checkout more books during the maintenance window.