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Jun 02

Summer Kids Book of the Week

Posted to Librarian News on June 2, 2017 at 12:06 PM by Lianne Flax

This summer the State Library will (again) be providing easy access to a Kids Book of the Week from our summer reading page. The new title will be posted on Friday mornings to the page, our Facebook, and Twitter for easy sharing and use in storytimes if you wish, then remain linked there through the summer.

No login is needed as long as you access the books from the SRP page (short link: http://kslib.info/srp)! All of the books promoted are used in the internet browser, there is no need to setup apps or download files to enjoy these books. The first is posted and available on the page now.

Reminders that these are available will be posted to Kanlib-L every Friday morning. If you have not yet joined the Kansas Library listserv, see notes here.
Mar 08

Summer Food Program

Posted to Librarian News on March 8, 2016 at 11:49 AM by Lianne Flax

This morning we hosted Kelly Chanay of the Department of Education for an informational webinar on the Summer Food Program.  Libraries can be sponsors or locations for providing food to children during the summer.

Recording of the webinar
Slides from webinar

A few points:
  • Any child ages 1-18 is eligible to receive food. There is no tracking of specific children, names, etc.
  • Libraries are neutral places, and kids already congregate there!
  • Don’t think your library can manage being a sponsor on its own? Check with your local school & food bank (Harvesters, 2nd Harvest, Kansas Food Bank) and become a new site for a current program.
  • School librarians –ask your public library if they are a sponsor or location, so you can help promote program locations before kids leave for the summer.
  • See the Summer Food Service Program page from: http://www.kn-eat.org/

Questions welcome:
Kelly Chanay
Assistant Director, Child Nutrition & Wellness
Department of Education
(785) 296-2276