Reasons to make a card for a patron?
1. Access to the Digital Book eLending services. The majority of these need a personal account to work correctly (for checkouts, holds, etc) and the card provides this personal account (for ebooks, patrons login directly with the KSLC info) or provides a way to register for one (Oneclickdigital audio needs you to login to the KSLC and do the registration form). Need instructions on login or creating an OneClick account? See the main Digital Books eLending page.

2. Backup access to the databases/ online resources. Most patrons can access the databases without login via the statewide links (on pages like These links "see" that the patron is in Kansas by their internet service provider and let the patron in, but it is not perfect. Patrons that cannot access automatically via the statewide links can access by logging in to the KSLC ( instead. This is also the place a patron should access if traveling out of state.

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