Are any of the online resources useful to non-English language readers?
The Learning Express Library contains these sections in Spanish: Recursos para Hispanohablantes (GED prep, writing, math) and U.S. Citizenship prep.

Mango Languages is not just for English speakers to learn other languages, but for the learning of English as well.

The EBSCO research databases list contains:
  • Two databases that only search Latin American journals (Fuente Academica and MedicLatina)
  • Ability to translate the search interface into 29 languages by use of the Languages option in the main menu, found on the upper right side of any database
  • EBSCO main menu languages option
    EBSCO databases translate article option
  • Translation of articles into 29 languages. This only applies to articles with full text available; look for the translate drop-down box on the article's page. This shows a translation in progress by the system, from English to Spanish.

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1. What is the Kansas Library eCard (KSLC)?
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12. Are any of the online resources useful to non-English language readers?
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