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1. Who may use the service?
2. What types of materials are available?
3. How do I send in my requests?
4. In order to receive a digital player, do I need to return my cassette player?
5. How do I receive books from my library?
6. How are the books sent and how long may they be kept?
7. What if I do not enjoy the books I am receiving?
8. Are book catalogs available? How often will I receive catalogs?
9. Will my Talking Books play on my computer or on a regular tape player?
10. What happens if my playback machine or books stops working?
11. Are videotapes included in the collection?
12. Does Talking Books provide textbooks?
13. What if I want to make suggestions about titles or authors to be recorded on Talking Books?
14. If I move out of the area or out of state, can I take my Talking Book player(s)?