MP3 Transfer: no disk space/device not connected error.
This error is generally found on Windows computers. If you are new to using OneClickdigital, please check the instructions page for your device to be sure you set all preferences properly!

If you have been using OneClick regularly and this is suddenly happening, it is most likely a software glitch. Try this first:
1. Close the OneClickdigital Media Manager on your computer.
2. Go to the Documents folder. Find the Media folder (not My Media) and delete this folder. The Media Manager makes this folder on your computer.

If that does not work, there could be a corrupt folder on your MP3 player instead. This is most likely if you use more than one computer to transfer to your device:
1. Connect your MP3 to the computer and open its internal storage (browse files).
2. Find the folder called "eAudiobooks" and delete it (if there are multiples, delete all). This is the folder the OneClickdigital software makes on your device while transferring books. It will make a new one the next time you transfer a book.

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