How do I find a new home for floating items?
If you need to rehome a floating item for any reason (no longer checking out, you've ended up with more floating items than you intend) remember that these need to be requested from another library over ILL. This makes the record properly "float" to that new location.

1. send a message to KANILL-L with a GENERAL description of what you have (10 mystery Playaways, 5 YA, etc.) and ask for interested libraries to let you know what they'd like.

2. Once one or more libraries has expressed interest, let them know the titles and FPC numbers of what you have as well as your library code.
--They should then create an ILL request from the record in Kansas Main* and remove all other lenders except your library.
--Once you say SHIPPED to that request, the holding will change to the other library.

*It is ESSENTIAL that the request start from the record in Kansas Main, otherwise the request will go as a regular returnable ILL. If you notice that the holding in Kansas Main didn't change to the requesting library, ask them to complete the first request (Receive/Return/Check In) and start again with the record from Kansas Main.

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1. How do I find a new home for floating items?
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