Kansas Constitution

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 2017, the instructions for printing & creating the Pocket Kansas Constitution have changed. Please read the new instructions carefully before printing or assembling the document. There is also a half-page version with larger text (see lower on page).

Printable Kansas Constitution (booklet size)

*Requires the ability to print a double-sided document*
1. Preview this document
2. Select "Open document in Adobe Acrobat Reader" (don't have it? Install Reader for free here).
3. Print the document double-sided (flip on short edge)
4. Fold stack in half, so title page is on the front.  Staple if you wish.

Printable Pocket Kansas Constitution

**Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and 
the ability to print a double-sided document**

1. Preview this document and select the download icon.

2. Select "Open document with Adobe Acrobat Reader".
Don't have it? Install Reader for free here.

3. Once it opens, print document double-sided (flip on long edge).

4. With the title page facing you, fold the bottom half of the packet backwards, and cut along the horizontal dotted line. These two steps can be done in either order.

cut & fold instructions

5. Fold your packet in half along the vertical dotted line. Staple if you wish.

fold instructions